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A brand is a multi-level sensory experience

3 Keys To A Successful Brand

A brand is the multi-level sensory experience that your company has with its customers and its people.


A brand strategy is a strategic management tool that guides every aspect of your business from internal operations to external communications. It’s comprised of four main parts: Brand Positioning – the expression of your company’s role in the market. Brand Architecture – the logic, the emotion and the most strategic parts of your brand identified. Brand Messaging – your company’s core communication themes. And lastly Brand Activation – the clear action steps required to bring your brand to life.


Your brand bought to life from a multi-sensory and experiential point of view. This is everything the eye can see, the ear can hear, the hand can touch, the mouth can taste, and the heart can feel. We look at all aspects of the brand from your logo, to your website, signage and everything in between. Your brand is an identity of streamline sensory points that articulate your company’s value, and bringing that together as a cohesive, integrated experience is what we do best.

BRAND marketing

Branded X helps companies win by humanising their brand with content and communications that builds deep and long-lasting connections with customers and audiences. We do this through clever storytelling, creative design and marketing techniques that bring that heart of your business into the hearts and minds of customers. There are many different ways a customer or a prospect can access your brand so it’s important to have clear and consistent messaging across the board for maximum brand exposure and impact. 

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  • Lou's media and business management experience give her a unique insight into the way businesses work and creative pathways to success. She is always direct and is competent at coming up with high level strategies as well as concrete, easy to follow implementation plans. I would highly recommend Lou to any business and will definitely work with her again.

    Belinda Roelofs Lou Marx Parker testimonial

    Belinda Roelefs

    Influencer Social Management La'Tecia Thomas/ Producer & Social Media MAXIM Aust/ Founder Mary Holland / TED Talk '18

    Lou is a talented rare gem who has the ideas and hands-on skills to implement a content strategy that works. Copywriting and storytelling is challenging, but Lou makes it seem so easy. She's also a smooth operator. I've seen her in action, working in a high pressure environment, and she consistently over delivers. Absolutely loved working with Lou and know you will too.

    Sal Frances Coombes Lou Marx Parker testimonial

    Sal Frances Coombes

    Creator Of The Canva Content Club, A Membership For Time Saving Canva Templates and Content Topics

    Lou has just finished my brand strategy and I absolutely love it. She has passion and enthusiasm and so many amazing ideas. It was fantastic to work with her and I am so impressed with her depth of knowledge. I had no idea how involved a brand strategy would be and have learnt so many new things. Can't wait to continue working with her to implement my brand strategy. Thanks again Lou!


    Dr. Lisa Brownfoot

    Owner and Principal Dentist at Gentle Dental Hawthorn

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