Branded X Media, we build businesses from the brand up with clever communications and smart storytelling strategies.

Since the beginning of time human beings have been telling stories. Stories that make us laugh, stories that make us cry, stories that captivate and move us, and stories that change us forever.

The reality is, just as all people have a story, so too do businesses. And your brand is essentially just that – the story of who you are and why you matter.

Founded by Lou Marx, Branded X is an Australian and New Zealand brand marketing agency, which empowers businesses with clear brand, communication and marketing strategies so they can express their value with clarity and confidence.

Unlike other firms, Branded X helps companies win by humanising their brand to establish deep and long-standing connections with audiences, through strong narratives and meaningful messages that bring the heart of your business into the hearts and minds of customers.



Lou Marx is a storyteller at heart.

Her purpose is to create, build, promote and spread messages that connect and awaken.

With over 10 years experience in the media industry working across journalism, communications and marketing, Lou knows how to connect the right messages to the right people.

Having conducted thousands of interviews and delivering stories, messages and content to audiences across Australia and New Zealand, Lou’s strengths lie in her ability to ask the right questions and listen for what lies beneath the surface to capture the essence of the narrative that brings a brand to life.

But why is this important?

Companies often find themselves feeling lost, unsure of their identity and lacking in direction. This makes it impossible to clearly communicate their value and worth which can easily result in a loss of revenue and other opportunities vital for growth.

Because of this, Lou and the Branded X team are dedicated to delivering clear brand and communication strategies, marketing and creative to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Lou is also a mother to daughter Bodhi, and fur baby Dash, step-mama to Ashton and wife to her incredible husband Divan. She enjoys spending time at the beach as well as nature treks, staying fit and healthy with the exception of Rose and probably too much coffee. She absolutely lives for long lunches in the sun and chats that go from day to night with like-minded humans of all kinds.

Communication in all forms is what Lou does best.

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