Brand Strategy

What is a brand?

In order to develop a strong brand, you must first understand what one is.

Most people when they think of a brand, think of a logo or a tagline, but a good brand is so much more than that.

A brand is the multi-level sensory experience that your company has with its customers and people.

A brand strategy is therefore a strategic management tool that guides every aspect of your business from internal operations to external communications.

It’s comprised of four main parts:

Brand Positioning – the expression of your company’s role in the market.

Brand Architecture – the logic, the emotion and the most strategic parts of your brand identified.

Brand Messaging – your company’s core communication themes.

And lastly Brand Activation – the clear action steps required to bring your brand to life.

Who needs brand strategy?

  • People who are launching a new business or personal brand
  • Businesses who need to rebrand
  • Businesses who are wanting to grow
  • Businesses who have lost direction or need clarity on their vision
  • Businesses who need help communicating their value
  • Businesses under new management
  • Business who would like to develop a better brand reputation
  • Businesses who would like to grow their brand equity
  • Businesses who are repositioning
  • Businesses who are branching into a new or different market
  • Businesses who are wanting to attract a new audience
  • Businesses experiencing mergers, acquisitions or demergers
  • Businesses who require identity development

We believe that no matter what size or state your business is in, everyone should have the tools and resources to build a strong and long-lasting brand.