We bring brands to life

At Branded X Media, we build new and existing businesses from the brand up with clear and deliberate brand, communication, creative and marketing strategies.

We look at all parts of your business holistically to develop deep and long-standing connections with audiences through strong brand experiences that bring the heart of your business into the hearts and minds of customers.

Our full suite of custom services includes creative brand strategy, design and marketing options.


A brand strategy is a strategic management tool that guides every aspect of your business from internal operations to external communications. It’s comprised of four main parts: Brand Positioning – the expression of your company’s role in the market. Brand Architecture – the logic, the emotion and the most strategic parts of your brand identified. Brand Messaging – your company’s core communication themes. And lastly Brand Activation – the clear action steps required to bring your brand to life.


Your brand bought to life from a multi-sensory and experiential point of view. This is everything the eye can see, the ear can hear, the hand can touch, the mouth can taste, and the heart can feel. We look at all aspects of the brand from your logo, to your website, signage and everything in between. Your brand is an identity of streamline sensory points that articulate your company’s value, and bringing that together as a cohesive, integrated experience is what we do best.

BRAND marketing

Branded X helps companies win by humanising their brand with content and communications that builds deep and long-lasting connections with customers and audiences. We do this through clever storytelling, creative design and marketing techniques that bring that heart of your business into the hearts and minds of customers. There are many different ways a customer or a prospect can access your brand so it’s important to have clear and consistent messaging across the board for maximum brand exposure and impact. 

Free Mini Brand Strategy Call

  • Establish and recognise the current gaps in your brand
  • Identify immediate opportunites to build, strengthen or optimise your brand
  • Learn the key strategies that great brands use to position themselves at the top!